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Print with us!

Riso is a great sustainable way to print, with a beautiful tactile finish!

Similar to screen printing, it starts with a master made of rice paper, and then prints spot colours one at a time with soy based inks. Because the main cost is in the print setup,, it is advantageous to print a higher quantity of prints at once. 


We offer a colour consultation for your artwork, so don't be shy if you're unsure about how it works, we're here to help. We can also prepare your artwork for print for you, and can show you a digital proof - get in touch with your artwork for a quote.

Good to keep in mind : 

  • We can't print bleeds, but if your artwork requires it we can achieve it by cropping the margins. 

  • We recommend keeping away from big blocks of colour, as the Riso ink can smudge

  • The colours are translucent, so you can combine them to create new colours!

  • The Riso can print small text nicely 

  • Because of the DIY nature of the prints, registration can be irregular


Each colour is printed separately so we need a pdf per colour - technically how this works is that the printer reads levels of black and cuts stencils based on how opaque the black is. For example, 100% black in your digital file will print at 100% ink colour and 50% black will print at 50% ink colour. 

We can print up to A3 size, and with paper going from 80 to 220 gsm. We stock some great recycled paper, and can accommodate depending on your project :)


  • PDF (no transparency) 

  • One file for each separate colour to print

  • Greyscale

  • 300dpi

  • Include a 10mm margin all around the A3 


Download specs and templates here

We also offer : 

  • Zine making

  • Bookbinding 

  • Get in touch with your project ideas!


Colours Available

Green / Bright Red / Medium Blue / Aqua

Fluo Orange / Purple / Yellow / Bright Pink / Black

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All quotes exclude shipping, and are are subject to change

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